Our religious freedom submission, trans-swimming madness, and more!

Last week, we shared with you that Bermuda was being pressured by international LGBT groups for reinstating marriage as only between a man and a woman.

We can now report the good news that, despite pressure from Labour and the Greens in the UK, the British Government will not intervene in the situation.

Minister of State at the UK Foreign Office Harriet Baldwin told the British Parliament that blocking the new law would be inappropriate.

“After full and careful consideration in regards to Bermuda's constitutional and international obligations, the Secretary decided that in these circumstances it would not be appropriate to use this power to block legislation, which can only can be used where there is a legal or constitutional basis for doing so, and even then only in exceptional circumstances,” she said.

This is welcome news, but LGBT activists are still threatening a backlash against Bermuda.


They say its vital tourist industry will be harmed by homosexual foreigners changing their holiday plans, and the BBC reports that cruise line companies Cunard and P&O, both licensed in Bermuda, are “very unhappy” about the change in the law because they can no longer hold LGBT weddings on their ships.

Hundreds of you have already added your voice – but we want to reach 1000 signatures as soon as possible in support of family values in Bermuda.

Once we reach 1000 names, we will send your thanks and a message of encouragement directly to Bermuda’s Government on your behalf. (Don’t worry, we won’t share your email or contact details.)

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Read our religious freedom submission

Submissions are now closed for the Federal Government’s religious freedom inquiry.

Thank you to all our supporters who lodged a submission – and we know that many of you did. Overall, the committee informed us that an incredible 16,500 submissions were received. This is a massive number, and it demonstrates how crucial religious freedom is here in Australia.

The Australian Family Coalition wrote a submission of its own, reminding the panel that there are significant challenges to religious freedom here in Australia, and that strong, positive protections for religious freedom should be written into Australian law.

Due to requests from supporters, and in the hope that it can be a useful resource, we have published the submission on our website. You can read it by clicking the link below:


Please feel free to share this resource with your friends and family members who may appreciate it.


Trans-swimming-madness in Victoria

And finally, the Melbourne council of Darebin faces a backlash after announcing it will close a public swimming pool for a trans-only swim night – to be more “inclusive”, of course.

The Greens-led council says it’s about “providing indoor pools where trans and gender diverse people can exercise, socialise and feel safe.”

However, the idea has proven controversial and divisive.

Comments from the community included: “PC gone mad! Melbourne has been overrun by left wing garbage” and “Left-wing councils like Darebin like to talk a lot about equality, but in reality what they are doing is segregating their constituents.”


Pictured: Darebin Mayor Kim Le Cerf

Darebin City Council made headlines in January when it became the second Victorian council to scrap their citizenship ceremony on Australia Day.

As Christian ethicist and political philosopher Dr Ryan T Anderson wrote recently:

“A transgender future is not the “right side of history,” yet activists have convinced the most powerful sectors of our society to acquiesce to their demands. While the claims they make are manifestly false, it will take real work to prevent the spread of these harmful ideas.”

You can read Dr Anderson’s full article at The Daily Signal.

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