Why we can’t leave the big issues to the political class

Australia will now gain its 7th prime minister in 11 years (counting Kevin Rudd twice).

We congratulate Scott Morrison on his election, 45 votes to Peter Dutton’s 40, as well as new deputy Liberal leader Josh Frydenberg.

Whatever our preferred outcome from this vote, we must all work to ensure that families and our freedoms are at the forefront of the new Government’s decision-making.

Indeed, on those fronts alone, some major issues loom for the new leadership:

  • The Ruddock report into religious freedom is yet to be publicly released – and we still have no idea what the Government’s response will be.
  • Euthanasia for Australian territories was only narrowly defeated in the Senate – with MPs now lining up to try a fresh bill in the lower house.
  • A federal election is fast approaching (any time between now and May 2019) which will be a watershed moment for issues affecting family, faith and freedom.

The Federal Government needs to rise above personality and return to policy. It’s true that Malcolm Turnbull led Bill Shorten until the end as preferred PM, but the long-time poll languishing of the Coalition as a whole indicates that many people had turned off the brand.

The Coalition must work to restore public confidence, not only in the Government, but in a broader political system that all too often appears disconnected from the hopes and concerns of real Australians.

We kid ourselves, however, if we think we can leave it to the political class to determine what those “hopes and concerns” are. We need to tell them.

Recent months have shown how important coordinated, grassroots action is – and what a difference it can make with sufficient size.

  • Tens of thousands of emails were sent to Senators immediately before the euthanasia vote, influencing the outcome.
  • Four thousand submissions to a recent inquiry on parliamentary prayer – in only a week.
  • Earlier this year, nearly 17,000 submissions were received by the Ruddock inquiry into religious freedom – a massive number!

But this is where we’re going to be really blunt. While past results are impressive, they pale in comparison to the tasks still ahead.

This is why we need your help. We need to keep growing so we can make a much bigger impact on the issues that matter.

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It’s not only “progressive” activist groups like GetUp we need to worry about. Even organisations like Amnesty International are now campaigning for the thumb screws to be tightened via stronger anti-discrimination laws.

We don’t have their resources or profile – but our strength is our growing network across the country.

You are our strength – Australians who care enough to get involved and have a say.

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