This campaign is now closed. It has been superseded by a subsequent attempt to legislate for abortion to birth in SA, which we are now campaigning against. Thank you for your support.

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The Greens are seeking to push radical new abortion laws through the South Australian Parliament.

These laws are arguably the most extreme in Australia – and amongst the worst in the world.

The Statutes Amendment (Abortion Law Reform) Bill, introduced by Greens MLC Tammy Franks shortly before Christmas, has been spruiked as “progressive” and promoting a “healthy choice” – but the stark reality is otherwise.

If passed by our MPs, the law would:

  • Allow abortion up to birth – and for any reason or none;
  • Permit sex-selective abortions;
  • Remove the need for a woman seeking an abortion to be examined by two doctors. In fact, she wouldn’t need to see a doctor at all! According to the Greens, she could see a nurse, midwife or pharmacist;
  • Allow DIY medical abortions at home (that is, the prescribing of abortion drugs) – including regional areas hours away from any medical assistance;
  • Deny vulnerable women and couples last-minute help by placing euphemistically-named 150m “health access zones” around abortion clinics. The maximum penalties for even communicating with someone about a pregnancy-related matter in such a zone would be a $10,000 fine or two years’ jail;

The proposed law doesn’t even go through the pretence of creating new provisions for abortion in the SA Health Care Act. It simply removes almost all references to abortion from law – creating a free-for-all while threatening those who would help vulnerable women with up to two years’ jail time.

We have a chance to stop these extreme laws spreading across the country – by stopping them right now in South Australia. Wherever you live, you can help by being a voice for the voiceless.


Whatever your state or territory, please sign the petition to SA parliamentarians. See below for petition text.


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Petition to South Australian Parliamentarians

I urge you to vote against the Statutes Amendment (Abortion Law Reform) Bill currently before the Parliament.

This “reform” is extreme in all senses, permitting abortion at any time right up to birth.

No reason would be needed to seek an abortion, meaning practices like sex-selective abortion would be completely permissible.

Women’s safety would be placed at risk, especially by the introduction of at-home abortions (that is, by the use of abortion drugs outside of a hospital).

The introduction of draconian laws around abortion clinics and hospitals is also a shocking attack on basic freedoms and would deny vulnerable women and couples any offers of assistance or alternatives.

This issue matters a great deal to me. I appreciate your consideration and, for any or all of the reasons I’ve outlined, I hope you will vote against this bill in any form.



Background: Similar extreme abortion laws already exist in Victoria and Queensland – and exclusion zones now operate in numerous states and territories. People have been charged for actions so simple and inoffensive as private, silent prayer.

Even the most ardent ‘pro-choice’ advocate must surely be shocked by the thought of abortion up to birth – especially when the need for medical supervision is completely removed! And we should not pretend such terminations are without consequences – both for the expectant mother and for her unborn child.

We should be doing more as a society to help women with crisis pregnancies – but these radical laws are not the solution.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Have your say urgently. It only takes two minutes and your voice will help make an impact!

Thank you for your efforts!