UPDATE: This campaign has now concluded, with our message of support presented to Senator Chandler. Thank you!

A Federal Senator has been summoned to appear before an anti-discrimination tribunal!

And why? For daring to suggest that women should have the right to their own sports, toilets and facilities!

Since her election last year, Tasmanian Liberal Senator Claire Chandler has been an outspoken advocate for truth and for free speech in this country.

Unsurprisingly, then, she has not taken the complaint lying down.

Senator Chandler responded strongly in the Senate:

Being summoned by a quasi-judicial body to appear and explain why I say that males shouldn't be in female changing rooms or in female sporting competitions is an indictment on the state of free speech in this country.

It is yet another example of the assault on truth and the assault on the very meaning of the word 'woman' by activists who are determined to remove every sex based right that women around the world have and allow anyone who identifies as a woman into women's sports and women's spaces.

I will not be silenced. Unlike 24 million other Australians, I am fortunate to have this platform in our nation's parliament to be able to speak and be heard.

This complaint, just like the complaints and the legal actions in recent years against others for saying what they believe in, sends a clear and chilling message to every Australian—that free speech is dramatically under threat in this country.

It sends a message that if you say something that an activist movement somewhere doesn't like then you will be hauled before a tribunal and punished. And it sends a message that, no matter how ludicrous the demands of activists are, you must comply or face the consequences.

I and millions of others will not submit ourselves to the demands of those who deny reality.

I will not accept this outrageous incursion on the free speech of every Australian.

You can read her whole speech here.

As with others who’ve found themselves in the dock over free speech in Australia, it’s crucial we show our support.

If we’re not prepared to stand for our freedoms – and back those who do so on our behalf – do we really deserve them?

We want to send Senator Chandler a strong message: “We stand with you!”

Please add your name today as we plan to send this message of support soon.

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A message of support to Senator Claire Chandler

Dear Senator Chandler,

I am greatly encouraged by your defence of free speech and for your courage to state simple biological truths.

As you said in the Senate, we "will not submit ourselves to the demands of those who deny reality. [We] will not accept this outrageous incursion on the free speech of every Australian."

Your willingness to use your platform to speak on our behalf and restore common sense to public debate is an inspiration.

Thank you for your stand and please be assured that I and countless other Australians stand with you.