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Faith-based schools in Australia are facing a renewed threat, thanks to a Labor and Greens-led push in the Senate to scrap their exemptions to anti-discrimination law.

Without these exemptions, faith-based schools could be forced to hire or retain staff who do not align with the school’s values or ethos – including those who are openly living an LGBT lifestyle.

The question of hiring and firing and enrolment, however, is not the key issue here. What’s really at stake is the ability of faith-based schools to maintain their ethos – and the rights of parents to choose such schools.

That’s why we are asking you to take action today by sending a submission to a new parliamentary inquiry. Submissions are due by 21 January.

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It's shocking that only 12 months after marriage was redefined in Australia, a major political party appears to be throwing religious freedom under the bus. So much for NO CONSEQUENCES!

Senator Penny Wong’s bill, released late last year, seeks to scrap anti-discrimination exemptions for ANY religious organisation that conducts “education”.

This would be an extremely broad change to the law, sparking widespread concerns that Senator Wong’s bill could also affect faith-based universities, charities and even churches on the basis that they provide some kind of education or training.

Reasonable amendments to Senator Wong’s bill, proposed by the Government, were rejected by Labor and the Greens, and anyone who dared stand in the way of her bill was bullied with accusations of “discrimination”.

Senator Wong’s bill narrowly failed to gain majority support in the final sitting week of 2018; and as a result of the stalemate, the matter was referred to a committee. Public submissions are being sought, and they are due by 21 January.

If we don’t raise up our voices now, Christian charities and other organisations could be next in the firing line.

Please take a stand for faith-based schools by sending a submission today!