After last year’s marriage vote, Australians were promised a root and branch review of their religious freedoms.

Fast forward to the extraordinary events of the last few weeks, where a report meant to be under lock and key was apparently leaked to the Fairfax press.

The Fairfax leak quickly became a frenzied virtue-signalling rush by MPs – falling over each other to end so-called “discrimination”.

All of a sudden, many in Canberra want to dictate to our faith-based schools how they must operate and even who they must hire.

This is a big deal, because it would force many schools to compromise their values or ethos.

Have the millions of Australians who choose faith-based schools for their children suddenly become invisible – or irrelevant – to our elitist leaders?

It’s time to draw a line in sand. With a federal election looming, we need to remind MPs that we will not be ignored, nor taken for granted.

Please complete the included form to tell your local federal MP and senators: “Hands off our schools!”


Whether you have children or grandchildren in a faith-based school, or you simply appreciate the importance this debate will have on our freedoms going forward, please take action today!

This debate is about so much more than freedom of religion. It also concerns freedom of speech, freedom of association and parental rights over education to name but a few.

We should not buy into the false argument about preserving so-called rights to “discriminate”.

In fact, our current laws have it so, so wrong!

Anti-discrimination law, by nature, strips away our rights wholesale – and then gives us back a few crumbs from the table, things we are permitted to do by “exemption” or “exception”.

This debate should be solely about a school’s right to operate according to its beliefs, values or ethos. Essentially, that means it should be able to expect adherence to those values by its students and staff. It’s about behaviour, not about any personal attribute.

It’s also a positive affirmation of fundamental rights. It’s what we’re for, not what we’re against.

Together, we are more than the 40% of the population who voted “No” last year.

We are also joined by Australians with “buyer’s remorse” over same-sex “marriage” – and those who voted “Yes” but genuinely believe in a “fair go” and don’t want to see believers disadvantaged.

And we are parents who want a say in what their kids are taught at school.

Together, we can put our MPs on notice.

Please help us send an urgent message to Canberra: hands off our freedoms!