This campaign has now concluded, due to the euthanasia bill passing both houses of the WA Parliament.

We are grateful to everyone who participated in this campaign.

The sick and elderly in Western Australia could soon be threatened with an unnatural death.

Mere weeks after Victoria’s euthanasia laws claimed their first life, the WA Labor government is attempting to ram its own “assisted dying” laws through parliament.

Alarmingly, the WA Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill appears worse than the one that passed in Victoria, even permitting doctors to instigate conversations with their patients about euthanasia.

This aspect alone throws the doors wide open to death-peddling quacks, with the state's doctors potentially transformed from healers into killers.

WA Health Minister Roger Cook boasted in parliament that there are “102 safeguards within the Bill”. For example, the bill says that patients are at no point obliged to continue with the “assisted dying” process.

But can a mere written guarantee really prevent the coercive influence of family members and hospital officials with strong financial incentives to relieve themselves of the “burden” of the sick or elderly? 

Creating bureaucratic hurdles for doctors is never enough to protect vulnerable patients from coercion. After all, if unscrupulous people want to exploit these proposed laws, their victims won’t be around to testify against them.

The evidence from countries where euthanasia has been legalised is clear: once the culture of death gains a foothold, its terrible consequences can’t be controlled.

If you live in Western Australia, please use the adjacent form to urge your MPs to vote against this dangerous bill. Your message will be sent to your upper house MLCs, along with Premier Mark McGowan and Health Minister Roger Cook.

If you live in another state or territory, you can also participate, with your message being sent to Premier Mark McGowan and Health Minister Roger Cook.