CAMPAIGN UPDATE: Israel Folau has been found guilty after challenging a move by his employers to sack him.

We await news on his sanction.


Meanwhile, this campaign is now closed.

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Leading rugby player Israel Folau's career is under threat because he dared to share his faith-inspired views online.

We URGENTLY need to help him. Complete the form to send a clear message to Rugby Australia and NSW Rugby Union that this is unacceptable!

Do you recall what happened to tennis great Margaret Court when she aired her views? She was pilloried – and people continue to demand her name be stripped from the arena named for her.

Do you recall what happened to Coopers Brewery? Or White wedding magazine – which actually had to close down last year because of their views.

When Folau made headlines last year for sharing similar thoughts, many no doubt thought he would simply keep quiet as told.

But this week, Folau shared an image online that listed a raft of sins deserving of punishment. The fact it included homosexuality has incited a frenzied response across the board, with immediate calls for him to be sacked.

Strangely enough, the lists of sins mentioned also included drunkenness and idolatry, but there are no queues of drunks or idolaters calling for Folau’s career to end – only the ‘Tolerance Brigade’.

This is not about whether we have any interest in rugby or sport. It’s not about whether we agree with Folau’s views or even whether we consider sharing such a post online to be prudent or not.

Folau has been crystal clear that he doesn’t hold himself better than anyone else, nor does he wish anyone harm. He simply wishes to share what he believes to be the truth – even at the risk of his career.

Folau’s employers at Rugby Australia and NSW Rugby Union have put out a joint statement indicating their intent to terminate his contracts.

We can’t simply stand by and let this happen.

Please complete the adjacent form. Your message will be sent to Rugby Australia Chief Executive Raelene Castle and NSW Rugby Union CEO Andrew Hore.