Take action against extreme abortion laws - Resources page

SA Greens MLC Tammy Franks has introduced radical abortion legislation into the SA Parliament that would allow abortion to birth, for any reason, and ban pro-life communication near abortion clinics.

Doctors and hospitals would no longer be required, and chemical abortion (e.g. RU486) would become permissible to use at home.

If short, South Australia would have the dubious honour of having the most extreme abortion laws in the country if this legislation is passed.

That's why we need South Australians to rise together and speak out against this bill.

Right now, we need as many churches and other groups as possible to write letters to our upper house MLCs, urging them to block this terrible legislation – or anything even remotely like it.

The resources can be downloaded below, including all the information you need to take action.

Thank you for your support. Working together, we can stop this terrible legislation and be a voice for the unborn.


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     A4 Info Sheet        Volunteer Letter





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