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The Greens are once again trying to destroy Australia’s heritage.

Currently, the NSW Parliament working day opens with the Lord’s Prayer, preceded by the words:

“Almighty God, we humbly beseech Thee to vouchsafe Thy blessing upon this Parliament. Direct and prosper our deliberations to the advancement of Thy glory, and the true welfare of the people of our state and Australia.”

However, Greens MLC Abigail Boyd has scheduled a motion to remove these prayers – prayers used for well over a century.

Boyd wants the prayers deleted in the state’s upper house and replaced with a statement from the President:

“I ask all members to stand in silence and pray or reflect on your responsibilities to the people of New South Wales.”

It may be argued that this vague and vapid statement is designed to avoid causing offence and allow inclusivity in our modern, “diverse” society – except that we know better.

The Greens have a long track record on this topic. Indeed, outgoing Greens Senator Lee Rhiannon tried something very similar in the Federal Senate just last year.

In response, Australian Family Coalition supporters sent nearly 4000 submissions to a Senate inquiry and the prayers were saved!

Regardless of the Greens’ prospects of removing prayers from the NSW Parliament, we must leave no stone unturned. We need to send a clear and definite message to all state parliamentarians.

Why should we fight to retain parliamentary prayers?

Whether or not you’re an active Christian, there are good reasons to defend this part of our heritage. For example:

  • The Greens’ alternative to prayer will do little to remind politicians that they serve a purpose far larger than themselves – and that they are there to serve the “true welfare of the people”;

  • Removing prayers from parliament is an attempt to undermine the foundations of Australia’s cultural heritage in much the same way as removing references to God from the Constitutional preamble would be; and

  • Retaining prayers is an acknowledgement that Christian values (regardless of any individual’s personal faith) have forged this country and continue to serve as a moral compass for decision-making. Removing this reminder removes that guide.

The Greens have been trying to remove prayers from various Australian parliaments since at least 1997! Twenty-two years later, they are still trying to eradicate Christianity from public life.

Let’s respond with a strong message that we want to keep prayer in the NSW Parliament!

PLEASE NOTE: this campaign is only open to NSW residents. If you live elsewhere, you can still help by sharing!