This campaign has now concluded.

Bernie Finn is a veteran pro-life advocate and Liberal MP in the upper house of Victoria’s state parliament.

In recent weeks, he has been relentlessly attacked for sharing his views on the value of human life and – unbelievably – for daring to state that he’s “praying” for an end to abortion.

Even those who disagree with him should appreciate the fact is that Bernie is a member of the Liberal Party – an organisation which has long purported to uphold a conscience vote on social issues.

But it’s now being reported that Victorian Liberal Leader Matthew Guy – who not so long ago described Bernie as a “very loud and proud conservative” – is “absolutely sick” of Bernie daring to air his views on social media.

It’s also reported that a motion will be put TODAY, Tuesday 24 May, to expel Bernie Finn from the parliamentary Liberal Party.

“A continued lack of discipline and repeated actions detrimental to the party’s ability to stand up for the interests of Victorians has left no other option but to consider Mr Finn’s eligibility to represent the Liberal Party,” Matthew Guy said in a statement.

But Bernie Finn IS standing up for the interests of Victorians, especially its most vulnerable: the unborn who seem to have so few champions in our parliaments.

For any party to kick out an MP for being pro-life is a declaration that that party does not want pro-life members, nor pro-life voters.

Whatever your political leanings – and no matter your state or territory – it’s imperative that we have MORE pro-life MPs in our parliaments.

If an MP is willing to put his career on the line for the issues WE care about, we need to back him 100%.

Bernie Finn’s cause should be OUR cause.

Please send Victorian Liberal MPs an urgent message:

I stand with Bernie Finn!