Three months on, no change has occurred to abortion laws by virtue of COVID-19 emergency powers.

Thank you to the many South Australians who spoke out on this issue!


During the coronavirus issue, the South Australian Police Commissioner has been given sweeping powers by Parliament.

Serious concerns have been raised that the Commissioner might use these powers to extend access to abortion. This possibility has recently been discussed in the media by pro-abortion MPs.

Put simply, there is a chance the Police Commissioner could allow “do-it-yourself” chemical abortions from home – without the specific approval of Parliament.

Medical “advice” would be conducted remotely by so-called “telehealth”.

This potential move by executive fiat – a ruling by one person – would be a shocking misuse of supposed emergency powers in South Australia. It would completely circumvent the public abortion debate we anticipate later this year.

Further, with elective surgery now starting to re-open nationally, it’s ridiculous to suggest that something so drastic as chemical at-home abortions are “necessary” (even by those who believe abortion to be valid “healthcare” in the first place – which we obviously do not).

We need your help to stop any chance of abortion liberalisation being forced on SA.

We need to let the Commissioner know, in no uncertain terms, that human life is not something that can be ruled over unilaterally by unelected officials.

Abortion was debated in the SA Parliament last year. It will almost certainly be debated again in 2020 – and we cannot allow those crucial debates to be overridden by an “emergency” order.

Please be a voice for the voiceless: the unborn children of South Australia.