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New South Wales is faced with a radical new abortion bill.

It has already passed the lower house of parliament, and a vote in the upper house will occur very soon!

Not only would the euphemistically named Reproductive Health Care Reform Bill 2019 decriminalise abortion, it would also allow abortion up to 22 weeks for any reason or no reason.

Beyond that date – and right up to birth – all that would be needed is the approval of two medical practitioners.

Conscientious objection would be trashed, with pro-life doctors forced to refer a woman seeking an abortion to another practitioner or provider.

This bill is terrible: for the unborn, for women, for the medical community and for our state.

We have a chance to stop extreme abortion laws spreading further across the country – by stopping them right now in NSW!

New South Wales, will you be a voice for the voiceless? Please complete the form to email all upper house MLCs.


Please note: this campaign is only open to residents of NSW.

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