10,000 voices for common sense!

You might recall that, late last year, Tasmanian Senator Claire Chandler was summoned to appear before an anti-discrimination tribunal.

Her crime was daring to suggest that women should have the right to their own sports, toilets and facilities.

At the time, Senator Chandler noted that she was fortunate to have a platform to speak out – something most people do not enjoy:

“I will not be silenced. Unlike 24 million other Australians, I am fortunate to have this platform in our nation's parliament to be able to speak and be heard.”

“This complaint, just like the complaints and the legal actions in recent years against others for saying what they believe in, sends a clear and chilling message to every Australian — that free speech is dramatically under threat in this country.”

While the complaint was eventually dropped, Senator Chandler has bravely continued to speak out for biological truths and for free speech and continues to encounter opposition.

That’s why it was so important that we demonstrated our support.

At a recent AFC gathering in Adelaide, our Director Damian Wyld surprised Senator Chandler with a hard copy of the message of support – signed by 10,169 supporters.

Senator Chandler was very appreciative of the support shown by AFC supporters. She said:

“Thank you so much, Damian, and all the members of the AFC that are here tonight, particularly the ones that might have signed this.

“This is just so incredible and humbling to have 10,000 Australians that were thinking about me in those difficult few weeks towards the end of last year. So, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

“This really means so much to me. Thank you.”

We will be sharing a video of the event soon, so please stay tuned!