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The Andrews Government is set to attack the foundations of faith-based schools & the rights of parents who choose them.

Attorney-General Jaclyn Symes has declared a move against “unfair, hurtful” laws that permit faith-based schools the right to “discriminate” in employment on the basis of sexuality and “gender identity”.

In other words, they want to massively impact on a school’s ability to employ teachers who align with the teachings and ethos of that school’s faith.

More than yet another attack on freedom of religion and belief, it’s also an attack on freedom of association and the right of parents to have their children educated according to their family’s beliefs.

It begs the question – especially following the Andrews Government’s so-called “conversion therapy” laws – of whether this is ultimately aimed at dictating to faith schools what they can no longer teach.

This move would be shocking at the best of times. But when Victoria has been dealing with lockdowns and restrictions, this new priority reflects terribly on the Government.

Apparently oblivious to this, the Government has made the ridiculous claim that the new laws “will strike the right balance”.

But they don’t – not for churches and their schools, neither for parents, nor for their children.

That’s why we must take action now.

While we endure a seemingly endless wait for federal protections for faith (which may not even help at a state level) it’s crucial we act now to prevent further stripping away of our freedoms.

Most people would agree: it’s plain common-sense for a faith-based school to have the right to employ people who share its beliefs.

Can anyone imagine MPs being forced to employ those who disagree with their policies? Strangely enough, no.

Enough is enough.

We must let our MPs know that, as extensions of faith communities and the places to which many parents entrust their children’s education, our schools have a right to uphold the very reason for their existence.


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