Add your name to stop legalised prostitution in SA!


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URGENT! A bill to allow prostitution in SA has passed South Australia's upper house, and the lower house may vote on it soon!

YOU can do something to stop it, and to protect vulnerable women from this ‘trade’.

Sign this petition to tell our MPs to vote "NO" to Michelle Lensink's bill.

Even compared with previous attempts to legalise prostitution and streetwalking in South Australia, the Statutes Amendment (Decriminalisation of Sex Work) Bill 2015 is shocking in its open slather approach.

This proposed law would:

• Allow soliciting on any street
• Permit brothels to operate anywhere – even next to schools, childcare centres, churches & homes
• Provide a legal “defence” for people who inadvertently provide sexual services to minors
• Place no restrictions on advertising of sexual services anywhere
• Remove any right to “discriminate” against sex workers – including by employers and landlords
• Severely weaken police investigative powers, and
• Force local councils to provide the only possible oversight of brothels and streetwalking – with
minimal powers and resources

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Will you sign?

Brothels and streetwalking without restriction, even in your street? Not on our watch!