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Father’s Day is a day that should be honoured and supported.

Whatever it means for us personally, whatever our own marital or family situation, we can all appreciate the vital role that fathers play.

For 15 years, an Australian not-for-profit organisation called Dads4Kids has aired an annual TV ad to mark Father’s Day.

This year’s ad is wonderful. It features a father singing a lullaby to a crying child – interspersed with a range of dads and their children at different stages of life. It’s a great celebration of fatherhood.

In the words of Dad4Kids, it’s also designed to “inspire fathers to love their children and put their families first”. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Imagine their shock, then, when industry body Free TV Australia deemed the ad “political” in nature.

Dads4Kids were told they could only run the ad on free-to-air TV if it was re-cut – at additional expense and with only days to go – to feature an election-style political disclaimer at the end.

Once again, we see the chilling effect that same-sex “marriage” is having on our way of life (and it’s not even legalised, merely being debated).

Time and again we’re told that changing marriage won’t affect us. But when even celebrating Father’s Day is off limits, that claim is utterly ridiculous.

This madness needs to stop. Please sign the petition.

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Send a message to Free TV: celebrating Father's Day is not "political"!