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UPDATE: This statement has now been presented to the Attorney-General, along with the names of more than 14,000 signatories. Thank you for the incredible response!

It’s not too late to add your voice. Signing the Declaration will still help us swell the numbers and you will be kept up to date on the Government’s response to the religious freedom inquiry.


Redefining marriage was never the end goal for same-sex marriage activists.

Now they want to strip away religious freedom by abolishing all exemptions to anti-discrimination law and forcing religious schools and organisations to hire LGBTI staff.

Here’s what the “Equality Campaign” wrote in their submission to the Government’s religious freedom inquiry:

“Our primary position is that the religious exemptions that allow discrimination against LGBTI people in employment, education and delivery of goods and services and other areas should be repealed.”

They even want to prevent parents from knowing what children are taught about sexuality and gender:

“The Panel should not accept recommendations that … require schools to notify parents of content regarding ‘non-traditional’ marriage.”

The Ruddock inquiry into religious freedom will report on 18 May. With this deadline, it is urgent that Australians of goodwill unite to defend the principles listed below.



We will present the following statement, along with the names of signatories, to the Attorney-General, Hon Christian Porter MP, on 16 May.


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Sign the Declaration of Religious Freedom!

Declaration of Religious Freedom

The concepts of fairness, equality under the law and respect for the dignity of all people have been foundational in defining our culture and our heritage.

The cornerstones of this foundation – key individual freedoms such as freedom of conscience, speech, belief and association – are a central part of the Australian way of life.

Anti-discrimination laws, by their very nature, erode personal and corporate rights and freedoms.

Under Australia’s restrictive anti-discrimination legislation, a considerable number of unjustified cases have been brought to bear on individuals and bodies. Such cases have often resulted from an individual’s beliefs on same-sex issues – a process that will only accelerate following the legal redefinition of marriage in 2017.

These cases highlight that basic freedoms are being undermined by anti-discrimination laws at both state and federal level.

During the marriage plebiscite campaign, we witnessed a “tide of hatred unleashed against people of faith” that necessitates federal intervention to enshrine religious freedom.1

While basic freedoms within Australia are currently provided for by an eclectic mix of common law rights and statutory laws, Australia does not have a single document that lists these freedoms, much less guarantees them absolutely.

Australia’s international obligations under the ICCPR require us to uphold freedom of thought, conscience and religion.

For a truly free society, we must replace anti-discrimination “exemptions” with legislation positively affirming our rights – including freedom of religion.



1. Quoting statement by Sydney Anglican Diocese in its submission to the religious freedom inquiry: