Stop Australian aid money funding abortion!


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Australia is committing $9.5 million of taxpayers’ money to send abortion to our poorer neighbours – right when the US is stopping their programs!


Incoming US President Donald Trump recently defunded abortion provider International Planned Parenthood.


By reinstating the ‘Mexico City Policy’, he reinstated a pre-Obama ban on US Government funding of foreign abortion groups.


However, this action has led other governments around the world to ‘pick up the slack’ and fund these groups.


Shamefully, Australia has just committed $9.5 million of taxpayer’s money to fund SPRINT (the Sex Health Reproductive Program in Crisis and Post Crisis Settings) in the Indo-Pacific region.


The program will be delivered in a continued Australian Government “partnership” with International Planned Parenthood.


Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has even praised Australia’s “total contribution to the program [of] $26.3 million since 2007”, naming Fiji, Nepal and Vanuatu as examples of “crisis-affected places” which have benefitted from “sexual and reproductive health services”.


Is there possibly a less neighbourly thing to do than offer abortion?


Please sign the petition and let Julie Bishop know that you oppose this appalling decision!


To the Minister for Foreign Affairs,Hon Julie Bishop MP

I wish to state my opposition to continued use of Australian foreign aid funding for abortion-related services.

I specifically object to Australia’s continued “partnership” with International Planned Parenthood and to the allocation of $9.5 million in taxpayer funding to the SPRINT program.

At a time when the United States has reintroduced its Mexico City Policy, Australia would do well to send a welcome signal to its neighbours by reinstating the then AusAid policy withholding foreign aid funding from any abortion-related service.

Any foreign aid funding should be directed to genuine needs.


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